Latest Technology

Completely Digital Radiographs


 Bitewing, periapical, and panoramic digital  radiographs are all digital in our office.  This allows us to see the  images instantly with clear definition, zoom in and also several other  features of the software that can be used to assist the patient in understanding the current condition of their teeth. 

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Dexcam Intraoral Camera


We incorporate the DEXcam 4 into most of our exams.  This is a camera that allows both intraoral and extra oral images to be taken.  What's better than being told about your current oral health state than to be shown pictures that clearly show you as a patient what we as dentists see? 

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Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening

 We offer a variety of tooth whitening  options, both in office and take home kits.  This includes but not  limited to NiteWhite, Zoom, and Opalescence bleaching systems. 

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Soft Tissue Laser


We use the Biolase iLase soft tissue laser  with local anesthesia for small tissue removal, such as when doing a  crown prep or to remove excess tissue over a wisdom tooth.   

Aquacut Air Abrasion System


This handpiece uses high powered air and can be used in several ways.  It can be used to remove some stains on teeth.  It also has the ability to be used for some minimal cavity  preparations.